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SMSMV is a leading Platform for Messaging Services. We provide a Wide range of Messaging products, including Viber business messages, WhatsApp business solutions and SMSES with advanced features. In affiliation with world leaders in Messaging Industry.


SMSMV was initially founded in 2003 by NATTU as SMSMV.TK, as a free SMS provider for the Maldives, we strived to continue our free services, but unfortunately, due to the high traffic and misuses we had issues with our carriers and we were forced to discontinue our free services by 2006. Then we affiliated with a bulk SMS provider and continued our free SMS service under smsmv.com, unfortunately our provider couldn’t   survive so long, so we had to stop the free web SMS service by then. In 2008 we partnered with world class SMS providers and started our API testing and business at a very small scale.

Today we have the coverage over 800 global networks and our platform assure you the reliability and stability as we have carrier grade connection to over 26 international SMC’s. We serve to individuals, businesses, NGO as well the Government Authorities.

Our Mission is' to provide the Quality SMS at  affordable price'. And our vision is ‘ keep everyone connected via SMS'.


Our Messaging service are comparatively cheaper.

Reliable Quality

We use the best routes to deliver your messages.

Easy to Integrate

API integration with our system is simple and secure.

Easy to access

We offer multiple ways for customers to access.

Quality SMS at an affordable price